The failure of the Napthine and AbbottGovernments to act to keep Ford, Holden and  Toyota in Victoria will mean job losses in Dandenong South, State Member for Lyndhurst, Martin Pakula MP has warned.

Mr Pakula said the closure of Toyota will have significant flow on effects for the component manufacturing industry across the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

“I am deeply concerned about the impact on manufacturers in Dandenong South and on the businesses that employ 30,000 component manufacturing workers across Victoria,” Mr Pakula said.

“South eastern Melbourne is home to a thriving manufacturing sector and Dandenong South is a vital hub of manufacturing, research and development.

“Here in Dandenong South, jobs in our auto component sector are now at risk.

“Today I met with the South East Melbourne Manufacturers Alliance (SEMMA), a fantastic organisation that represents the interests of over 200 manufacturing businesses in our local area.

“We discussed the potential impact of the auto industry withdrawal on business owners, workers and their families, as well as the flow on effects for other small businesses that rely on trade in industrial zones in the south east,” Mr Pakula said.

“It’s clear from those discussions that State Government support for businesses to adapt, to export and to diversify is more important than ever. The worst possible approach would be for the Government to continue to throw its hands in the air and assume there is  nothing it can do.

Through procurement, infrastructure spending, advocacy and support, the Napthine Government could be making a real difference to manufacturers in the south east, but sadly it seems like they don’t think it’s their job,” Mr Pakula said.

“In the coming weeks, I will visit auto component manufacturers in Dandenong South to discuss the impact of these cuts and what assistance they might need,” he said.


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