The notorious Westall Road and Rowan Road intersection in Dingley Village will receive a $40,000 upgrade to make it safer for motorists.

Member for Keysborough Martin Pakula announced today that detector loops will be installed at the intersection, making it easier for drivers to turn into and out of Rowan Road.

Detector loops are sensors that will trigger the pedestrian crossing across Westall Road and stop traffic, giving motorists more time to turn and avoid taking risks in short gaps of traffic.

Detector loops will help to improve safety at the intersection while maintaining local access to the area.

In the period between 1 January 2011 and 30 June 2016, 36 people were involved in accidents at the intersection, resulting in 10 crashes and two fatalities. Another fatality occurred in March 2005.

Last year, VicRoads sought the community’s feedback regarding the operation and safety of the intersection which sees up to 60,000 vehicles travel through it daily.

More than 820 people provided specific feedback online about possible changes to the intersection to make it safer.

The detector loops will initially be programmed to operate outside the morning peak times to prevent delays on Westall Road.

A temporary CCTV camera will be installed to monitor traffic queues and the effectiveness of the detector loops.

VicRoads will continue to investigate safety solutions at this intersection and will keep the community informed.

Works are expected to commence in the coming weeks.

Quotes attributable to Member for Keysborough Martin Pakula

Tragically three lives have been lost at this intersection over the past 12 years. This upgrade will significantly improve the traffic flow and make it safer for our community and local road users.

Thousands of motorists travel through this intersection every day and this project will help to prevent accidents in the future.

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