Local news

New street lights improve safety on Hutton Road

A road safety improvement on Hutton Road in Keysborough is making a big difference for local road users and parishioners of the Saint Hoan-Thien Catholic Community Centre.

Matching Law With Medicine

A new Bill introduced into Parliament today will improve Victoria’s personal injury laws and provide fairer compensation to victims of negligence. The Andrews Labor government changes come following recommendations made by the Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission’s 2014 review of the Wrongs Act. The Bill..

Springvale Community Aid and Advice Bureau – Anna Hall

It was great to catch up with Anna Hall, Chief Executive Officer of Springvale Community Aid and Advice Bureau (SCAAB).  SCAAB, a not for profit organization,  plays an important role in our community, offering services such as support for refugees and newly arrived migrants, Job..

Corrigan Road Level Crossing

The Andrews Labor Government has announced the removal of three local level crossings and the purchase of 37 new, high-capacity trains for the Cranbourne-Pakenham Line.   We’re getting straight to work with the tender process already underway for the removal of the Corrigan Road, Heatherton Road..

Opening of Keysborough College STEM Centre

It was great to speak at the official opening of Keysborough College STEM Centre.  The completion of the STEM centre is a tribute to the dedication and fundraising efforts of the school community.  The STEM centre is an important part of Keysborough College’s commitment to..

Dingley Village Men’s Shed Opening

I was very pleased to be at the opening of the Dingley Village Men’s Shed in Braeside Park, Braeside. The president, Graham Kilby, and the members have done a great job in renovating two sheds and setting up a workshop and amenities space. The Dingley..