An elected Victorian Labor Party will overhaul the Independent Broadbased Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC) to give it real powers.

Denis Napthine promised to give IBAC strong powers to investigate and he has simply failed.

If elected, an Andrews Labor Government will give IBAC jurisdiction over the offence of Misconduct in Public Office.

Labor will remove the requirement for IBAC to find prima facie evidence of an indictable offence before it can investigate.

Labor will resolve jurisdictional issues between IBAC and other integrity agencies including the Victorian Auditor General’s Office and the Ombudsman.

Quotes attributable to Mr Pakula:

“Denis Napthine and the Liberals have set IBAC up to fail.

“For almost two years, an army of people have been sitting around twiddling their thumbs because Denis Napthine and his Liberal Government were too dysfunctional to set it up properly.

“Labor’s IBAC reforms will put some fangs into Denis Napthine’s toothless tiger.”

Key Facts 
The introduction of IBAC was plagued by major delays and budget blowouts.

The Napthine Government set the bar so high that Misconduct in Public Office offences are unlikely to be investigated.

There has been not one public hearing or prosecution.  Stephen Charles QC, who advised the government on its anti-corruption framework recently warned that IBAC lacked the legislative teeth it needed to do its work.

An Auditor General report 2012-13 showed the introduction of the Independent Broadbased Anti-Corruption Commission had left Victoria exposed to more, not less, corruption with the weakening of the role of the Auditor General.