Napthine Blocks Move To Release Performance Data

The Liberals and Nationals have denied Victorians the right to know about the crisis in their local hospital, blocking Labor’s legislation to release performance data.

Today, Victorian Labor attempted to introduce the Transparency in Government Bill 2014 which would have enforced the quarterly release of hospital performance data and ambulance and fire services response times.

The Napthine Government used its numbers on the floor of Parliament to prevent the Bill from even being debated, let alone passed. An Andrews Labor Government will reintroduce the Bill. 

Quotes attributable to Mr Pakula:

“Victorians deserve to know the truth about the hospitals, ambulances and fire services that they rely on every day.” 

“Labor’s Bill would have made it impossible for Governments to cover-up the state of our hospitals and ambulances, but Denis Napthine blocked it.”

“Denis Napthine had one final opportunity to be open and honest with Victorians about the crisis in our health system, and he failed the test.”

 Key Facts

The Bill would have required Hospital SOPs to be released by 1 November in the year to which the agreement relates, and required that response time data for Ambulance Victoria (response times and cardiac arrest response times), the CFA and MFB be released quarterly.