The Napthine Government’s third budget has all but
forgotten the people of Lyndhurst.

The Baillieu / Napthine Liberal Government has had a devastating impact on Victoria over the last 2 1/2 years, with roads, TAFE, schools and hospital funding slashed and thousands of jobs lost.

This budget has again seen cuts to education, cuts to health and no new funding for
roads in Lyndhurst. 

In Mr Napthine’s first budget as Premier we have seen:

• Education
– $70 million cut, bringing the total cut to $625 million.

• Health –
$209 million cut, bringing the total cut to $826 million.

•Apprentices – $20 million in trade bonuses for apprentices cut.

• No new schools or school funding in Lyndhurst

• No new buses in Lyndhurst

• No new road or maintenance funding in Lyndhurst

“The Napthine Liberal Government has delivered a budget which neglects the people of Lyndhurst.”

“The people of Lyndhurst are going to be worse off from this budget. You Can’t Trust Napthine and the Liberals,” Mr Pakula said.