Victorian prisons are in crisis, a Victorian Ombudsman report has found.

The Investigation into Deaths and Harm in Custody report confirms our community isn’t safer under Denis Napthine.

Because of prison overcrowding, the risk of increased violence, sexual assault and self-harm causing death is greater now than “at any time in recent years”. Prison staff are in more danger of being assaulted.

Overnight lock-ups in suburbs are being used as de-facto prisons. Our police officers are forced to babysit prisoners instead of fighting crime on the streets.  

Quotes attributable to Mr Pakula:

Denis Napthine isn’t making our communities safer.”

“Prisons are in meltdown, staff are in danger and police are babysitting prisoners in
suburban lock-ups.”

“Denis Napthine would rather cut funds from Victoria Police than cut the crime rate in
our suburbs.”

Key Facts
The crime rate decreased every year under the previous Labor Government. It has increased every year under the Liberal Government.

Denis Napthine has cut $100 million and 500 staff from Victoria Police and several hundred staff from the Department of Justice.

The report confirms what Victorian Labor has said about Denis Napthine’s
management of prisons and police cells – it is in crisis.

The scathing Ombudsman report found there is potential for increased violence, sexual assault, self-harm leading to deaths, and is greater now than “at any time in recent years”.

It found prison staff are at greater risk of being assaulted as a consequence of overcrowding and police cells are being used as de-facto prisons and resources required to supervise higher numbers of detainees in police custody has placed a significant burden on police resources, resulting in less police on the frontline tackling crime.