The Napthine Government has been caught out withholding money from local school students despite promising schools would receive additional funding from the start of next year, Local Member for Lyndhurst, Martin Pakula said today.

“Gonski funding has not been included in local schools’ indicative budgets for next year and this is a broken promise from Premier Denis Napthine who previously said schools would receive an increase in funding from the start of 2014,” Mr Pakula said.

Under the Gonski educational reforms the following local schools would benefit from an increase in funding over the next six years according to figures released prior to the deal being struck with Victoria by the Federal Government:

Keysborough Secondary College


Wallarano Primary School


Noble Park English Language School


Keysborough Primary School


Athol Road Primary School



Schools are rightfully worried as some National Partnership money is now lapsing and ‘Gonski’ money was supposed to take over. Instead schools now face the prospect of having less money in their budget next year than they did this year.

Mr Pakula said that the ‘Gonski’ reforms were aimed at minimising educational disadvantage as well as facilitating high quality education for every student in every school across the state. 

“Denis Napthine has slashed over $600 million from schools since coming to office and had always been reluctant to sign up to the ‘Gonski’ educational reforms,” Mr Pakula said.

“The Napthine Government has a poor track record with education having cut $300 million a year out of TAFE and $48 million from the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL). 

“Education just isn’t a priority for Premier Napthine and his Liberal National Government, and local schools will continue to wait for the support they badly need.”