The State Budget has revealed that the Napthine Government has cut an additional $48.6 million from the Department of Justice and increased avenues to raise revenue from Victorian taxpayers, Shadow Attorney General, Martin Pakula said today.

Mr Pakula said the decision of Attorney General, Robert Clark to cut an additional $48.6 million from the Department of Justice in yesterday’s budget, brought the total figure cut from justice to $455 million since the Liberal Government was elected.

“The state budget has done nothing to prevent crime; it’s all about housing more prisoners, enforcement of fines, and record revenue raising through speeding and on-the-spot fines,” Mr Pakula said.

“This Napthine budget is simply creating a justice ‘industry’ to cope with soaring crime rates.”

The Napthine Government has spent in this year’s budget, $10.7 million on new speed cameras and is expecting to increase revenue from traffic cameras by 13.3 percent (an additional $38m) by June 2014.

At the same time it has had to pump more money into Legal Aid to deal with the funding crisis it has created by its own policies – and according to both Legal Aid and the Law Institute, that extra funding won’t be nearly enough.

Mr Pakula said the Napthine Government had failed to fund initiatives to prevent crime but were spending at record levels on enforcement processes.

“Budget cuts and revenue raising should not be the highlights of the justice budget for a supposedly “tough on crime” government, particularly with the crime rate continuing to rise for the first time in a decade.

“Until the Government realises that fighting crime is about more than half baked legislation and ineffective spin, it will continue to have to spend precious resources keeping up with its own rhetoric,” Mr Pakula said.